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Soil Health Agronomy Clinic

Your soil health questions, answered.

About the Soil Health Agronomy Clinic

Our mission is to help farmers around the world improve the health of their soils.

The increasing popularity of soil health has created a brilliant opportunity for the farming industry to address this challenge.

However, many farmers are getting conflicting information or even misinformation.

We at the Soil Health Hub like to find ways to help fix this. We have started a free weekly Q&A drop-in clinic for farmers and agronomists to meet up virtually.

Farmers will be able to ask questions from forward-thinking agronomists and vice-versa. The goal is to share and learn from each others' experiences.

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Meet the Agronomists


Keith Norman

Keith is a graduate of Newcastle University, specialising in Agriculture and Crop Production and has followed a career in farm management and Agritech for nearly 40 years. 


Thomas holds a PhD Soil Science, Double MSc in Agricultural Engineering & Land Restoration and Reclamation, and a Technician degree in Agronomy.


Thomas Fungenzi

MSc, PhD

Every Tuesday at 6 pm BST (UK time) - Join the Online Audio Discussion

Join our voluntary weekly drop-in calls for farmers and agronomists to share and exchange ideas and challenges around soil health. Click the button below to get involved.

Apply and we’ll send you a link how to join the meeting.

Ask your questions below:

Please specify if you’re a farmer or an agronomist

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